O Shot Treatment

O-Shot ® – Enjoy being a Better woman


What is the O-Shot ® ?


The O-Shot™ is an all-natural, painless non-surgical procedure that uses your own growth factors to rejuvenate and revitalize vaginal and clitoral function. This can significantly enhance your sex drive by improving vaginal

lubrication and also gives you dramatically improved sensitivity. Many patients also see stronger and more frequent orgasms. Additional benefits includes relief of stress incontinence.

How Does the O-Shot ® Work?


The O-Shot® procedure involves the extraction of PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) from your own blood. The PRP containing growth factors is then injected into an area near the clitoris and into the area of the upper vagina that is most important for the sexual response (the “o-spot”). Because these areas are numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection, patients experience little or no discomfort during the procedure.

The process of injecting triggers the platelets to release seven different growth factors that then activate the unipotent stem cells located in the vaginal and clitoral tissues to regenerate and thus become “younger”, with improved functional potential.


What Will the O-Shot® Do For You?


Although each woman’s experience may differ in some ways, many patients report:

  • Increased arousal from clitoral stimulation.
  • Smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina).
  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening).
  • Stronger orgasm.
  • More frequent orgasm.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm .
  • Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse).
  • Increased natural lubrication.
  • Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence (both urge and stress problems).


How Quickly Will I See Results?


Women often enjoy some effects of the O-Shot® almost immediately, as the growth factors begin to rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response. Women receiving O-Shot® procedure have reported an increase in their sexual response within days and weeks of the treatment – and for many, the increase is significant.


Are There Any Side Effects?


There are no reported side effects hence using your own blood products but as with any injections you may experience some slight swelling and/or bruising. This is transient and will subside in 3-7 days.

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