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Urology and Andrology

The Alkhayal Clinic, located in Dubai Healthcare City, is dedicated to treating and solving the common conditions and needs of men of all ages. We specialize in providing the latest advances in men’s sexual health concerning testosterone replacement, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders (premature or retarded ejaculation), varicocele repair, prostate health and Bladder diseases.

Our specialists are also experts in kidney stone shockwave and laser treatments as well as laparoscopic and keyhole robotic urological surgery, which is another field of our surgical urology.

Founder and Medical Director, Dr Shawket Alkhayal Urologist is an internationally renowned expert in men’s sexual health and has several international presentations in this field. He is the first doctor to use shockwave therapy and Plasma injections for erectile dysfunction in Dubai and the Middle East and has helped thousands of men to overcome their erection problems. He believes that an intensely personal clinical-care approach, combined with the most advanced technologies and evidence-based medicine, provides the best holistic care for men.

Our Areas of Expertise and Services:

Bladder Problems


We provide diagnosis and treatment for all bladder conditions, including benign and malignant cases. We particularly specialize in cases like acute, chronic, recurrent and interstitial cystitis; overactive and underactive hypotonic bladder; painful bladder syndrome; and bladder cancer. Our Experienced Urologist will perform specialised urine tests, wireless urodynamics investigation, and flexible cystoscopy inspection if required.


Prostate disease


Al Khayal Medical Centre performs diagnosis and treatment of benign prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, and prostatitis. Various treatment options are offered by our experienced urologists including Plasma vaporisation for BPH, Shockwave therapy for Chronic pelvic pain and Radical Prostatectomy for prostate cancer.


Kidney and Ureteric Stones


We conduct an ultrasound and CT scan to accurately pinpoint the presence and location of kidney and ureteric stones. The best urologist in Dubai generally administers non-invasive shockwave or ureteroscopy laser treatment for the effective treatment of kidney or ureteric stones.


Urinary Tract infections



Patients with Urinary Tract Infection can trust our urologists for the fast and effective treatment of acute and recurrent UTI. Among the procedures conducted for this are urinary cultures, ultrasound, and CT scan. Our expert urology team will make sure that you receive optimal care throughout any procedure.



Sexually transmitted disease word cloud

Using an advanced PCR detection method, Alkhayal clinic is able to help patients discover cases of bacterial and viral infections early on. We prescribe effective treatments according to the results of our specialised tests such as comprehensive genital cultures and STD urethral profiles.


Urethral strictures

Urethral strictures

Our Urologists at Alkhayal Clinic employs wireless urodynamics, ultrasound, and flexible cystoscopy to detect the presence of urethral strictures. Treatment methods of this condition include stricture dilatation, urethrotomy, or urethroplasty.


Urinary Incontinence

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We Use clinical examination, wireless urodynamics, ultrasound and flexible cystoscopy to diagnose urinary incontinence. Our professional Dubai urologist can provide non invasive treatments including magnetic pelvic floor stimulation or minimally invasive trans-vaginal tape procedures.


Testicular pain / lumps


An ultrasound scan will be conducted to pinpoint the cause of testicular pain and or to establish the presence of testicular lumps. The treatment will be discussed with the patient as it depends on a case-to-case basis.




For the diagnosis of varicocele, we perform clinical examination and a Doppler scan. One of the effective treatment methods is a surgical procedure called microscopic ligation.




We perform comprehensive clinical examination and certain hormonal testing to diagnose the causes of infertility. Our experienced Andrologist can perform Micro-TESE sperm retrieval for preservation or for symchronous In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).


Erectile Dysfunction


With a penile Doppler, an experienced urologist in Dubai can determine the exact cause of the patient’s condition. One of the highly recommended treatment methods for impaired blood flow is low intensity shockwave therapy. Another new effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is platelet rich plasma injection which can also result in an increase in the length and girth of the penis.


Penile Implant Surgery

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Another advanced treatment method we offer for ED is penile implant surgery. As the name implies, a prosthetic device, either inflatable or malleable, is surgically placed into the penis by our experienced Dubai urologist. Various types are available to suit a mans need.


Ejaculatory Disorders


Whether premature ejaculation or retarded ejaculation we can help men by prescribing the most effective treatment. We also perform magnetic stimulation therapy for permanent results.


Peyronie’s Disease Management


For males with Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes the penis to bend, lose girth, or shorten, our andrologist offers specialised treatment methods, including surgery or non-invasive shockwave therapy and plasma injections.


Hematuria (blood in Urine) Screening


Hematuria is the condition in which blood is present in the urine which can be visible or non visible. It may indicate a serious problem in the urinary tract. We use advanced cytology, ultrasound, and flexible video cytoscopy under local anaesthesia to check for the causes of hematuria. CT scan might be required for more detailed investigation.


Prostate Health Check


We offer clinical examination, PSA blood test, PCA3 urine test and transrectal ultrasound imaging of the prostate to check the prostate health. Regular prostate checks by our dubai urologist ensures early and immediate treatment, if cancer is present.


Magnetic Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation



Magnetic pelvic floor muscle stimulation is a non invasive alternative treatment for individuals with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, pelvic pain syndrome, and vaginal muscle laxity.


Well Man Check Programme


Alkhayal Medical Centre is an active proponent of men’s health, and we encourage male patients to undergo regular medical examinations to make sure they are always healthy. The Well Man Check Programme is composed of medical evaluations and health plans to help men of different ages and lifestyles to maintain and protect their physiological well-being.