<span> , United Arab Emirates</span>
"They genuinely concerned the patient problem The friendly n reliable atmosphere to the new pataint. They genuinely concerned the patient problem especially Dr is very initiative to tackle the problem .They promised to menu will get the best result n get urcomposent to your entire medical expenditure .they further proceeded to verified n ensure the another hospital which is american hospital to coverd that procedure of operation of testicular under medical claim or not .lets see what get the result .overall nice experience .diffentlyi would prefer ."
- Gopal , United Arab Emirates
<span> , UK</span>
"Best place for treatment Excellent service, I should have come here a long time ago. Best place for treatment, highly recommended."
- Nayel , UK
<span> , United Arab Emirates</span>
"Suitable treatment The doctor help me with my problem and he give me the suitable treatment."
- Arun , United Arab Emirates
<span> , United Arab Emirates</span>
"Very professional They are so kind and they have very professional doctor."
- Nor , United Arab Emirates
<span> , United Arab Emirates</span>
"Professional They are so kind and they have a very professional doctor."
- Kamel , United Arab Emirates
<span> , United Arab Emirates</span>
"They answered my inquiry immediately through the website Very good doctor he solved my problem, and they have very accommodating staff, they answered my inquiry immediately through the website."
- Noor , United Arab Emirates
"Dr. Alkhayal is a first class Urologist and a warm and caring human being. We were lucky to have him oversee the treatment for an elderly relative. It was perfect decision and choice"
- A. Youhana
"Dr. Shawket, the urologist is a very good urologist surgeon, polite and patient to listen to the sick. He and his nurse staff are trying their best. I hope he succeeds in definitively erradicating the erectile ailment"
- Anonymous
"Clinic location is excellent but the clinic needs to be advertised more through newspaper and patient experience must be made known in newspaper, etc. Shockwave therapy success rate needs to be known to public."
- Anonymous
"I am very happy with their service"
- Anonymous
"I really appreciate your professional work"
- Anonymous
"Professional friendly service. I felt like home. Dr. Alkhayal did surgery efficiently and professionally. No scars after. I recommend."
- Michal Wlodi
"I feel very comfortable and safe going their, Dr. Shawkat is professional, respectful and full of knowledge, he will give the correct advise and cure without bias nor will he try to lead the pationet to extra charges. I will always trust and go to his clinic, he cares for peoples health not his pocket."
- Ahmad AlSayyed
"Dr.Shawket & his staff have always been very helpful to me with my medical issue. His expertise in his field is amazing. His diagnosis was accurate & his treatment showed positive results. At first It was very awkward talking about my medical issue but he was very accommodating and concerned & made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the appointment. His treatment charges were also reasonable unlike other doctors. I would highly recommend this medical clinic for all those who are suffering from urologic issues."
- Taher Mamajiwala
"Excellent service, very professional. Dr. Shawkat is highly recommended for his expertise."
- Tony salameh
"The service is one of the best clinic , Dr. Shawket is great with perfect knowledge and experience , staff very helpful the cost is very reasonable i recompiled visiting this clinic , thanks a lot for great job."
- Kay Ahmed
"You must try the “O-shot” ladies 😍 Amazing result ❤️"
- Loridale Dasig
"The services are great and they’re very helpful and they’re very experienced with all sorts of technology on a high level . Reception and nursing are very amazing , everyone is helpful."
- Galila Abuhatttab
"Undoubtedly the best urologist I have found in all Dubai.Highly recommended."
- Victor Arruiz
"Undoubtedly the best urologist I have found in all Dubai.Highly recommended."
- Tamer Daher
"Very nice and clean facility, caring staff too. Would recommend off course."
- M. Nabeel Rabbani
"Best facilities .."
- Aasma Siddiqui
"We do not recognise you as a patient in our clinic database. please share your concern and we will be happy to help"
- Uwais Auwal
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